5 Years Ago Today


5 years ago today, I met the love of my life….

In 2012, I met a huge group of people who loved the same DJ that I did. I thought I was the only one who traveled to see this man perform, but I was wrong. I joined a Facebook fan group, and by November 2012, I was getting ready to go on a 5 night show run with friends I hardly knew. It was a cold Thursday morning in November when I embarked on my journey to U Mass Amherst for the second stop of the tour. On the way, I found out floor wristbands were all given out, and that i’d have to enjoy the show from the bleachers. Also on the way, I got a message on Twitter from the very DJ that I would be crying over just hours later. One thing I love about Bassnectar is how much he interacts with his fans, and how genuinely happy he is to do so. Anyway, he knew I was a huge fan, and sent me a message telling me to come say whats up after the show. I told him I didn’t get a floor pass, so I wouldn’t be able to make it down, and that I’d see him in Jersey the following night. A few hours later, a friend and I were heading to the venue, when I received a call from someone on Bassnectar’s crew. He told me that Bassnectar wanted me to have a floor wristband, and to meet him outside the venue. I was so excited and grateful. I couldn’t believe he’d go out of this way to do that for me. I got there, met up with this person, got my wristband, and I went inside. I ran straight to the sound booth, where I shared my first hugs with friends I had made in the Facebook group. I planned on standing there for the remainder of the show, but then ran into a friend that grabbed my hand and brought me all the way up to the front row. And that is where I met Eric. I still remember the way he looked at me when he turned around and saw me there. The smile on his face had to have been a reflection of the smile on mine. I decided to spend the rest of the night up there with him. We had the best time together. It felt amazing to be with someone who loved Bassnectar as much as I did. Up until that point, the only people who really attended these shows with me were friend’s who didn’t know his music. Having someone to dance with, to get excited about all the same songs with, and someone to freak out with when I met Bassnectar later than night, was seriously the most beautiful gift. I knew Eric was different. It was truly fate the way it worked out. We spent the remainder of tour together and the rest is history. Thank you Bassnectar, for bringing me to my person, to some of my closest friends, and for giving me irreplaceable experiences that I will never ever forget. 


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