Food intolerance and allergies are a warning sign that your gut is out of balance. I never struggled with them in my life, but when my gut issues began, my allergy tests showed that I was allergic to most things I was eating. This can be attributed to Leaky Gut Syndrome. Heal your gut, and your allergy issues may resolve.

Some things that help to heal allergies include;

  1. Incorporating probiotic foods with every meal
    • Kefir, Kombucha, Kimchi, Saurkraut, etc.
  2. Incorporating prebiotic foods with every meal
    • Asparagus, Jicama, Endive, Dandelion Greens, Artichoke, Onion, Garlic
  3. Incorporating gelatinous foods into your diet
    • Bone Broth, Grass Fed Gelatin, Hydrolysate
  4. Getting plenty of sleep